Dental implants

Implant treatment is applied to individuals over 18 years of age who have completed jaw and facial development. Before the treatment, it is determined by your doctor with X-rays taken, whether the jaw structure is suitable for the implant. Implant treatment is performed painlessly under mild sedation. Post-op is mostly avoided without pain and swelling.
Implants are screws made of titanium which are placed in the jawbone for the treatment of missing teeth. Dental prosthesis are placed on these screws.

The advantage of implant treatment over other treatments is that the adjacent teeth are not damaged. This means that adjacent teeth do not have to be damaged by cutting. The implant acts as a tooth root and the person can eat, talk and laugh as easily as with a natural tooth.
before and after our dental treatment
placed 12 implants in the same visit.
Three months later we completed his treatment by applying the crowns.
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Our client came to us with aesthetic and functional problems. After thorough examination of X-Rays we decided to apply All on 6 concept. We performed extraction of all remaining teeth and
All-On-4 concept is an affordable alternative to other full mouth implant options. In this concept, a full mouth denture or a fixed bridge is supported with 4 implants placed in the jawbone. All-on-4 concept also allows dentists and patients to avoid advanced implant procedures such as sinus floor lifting, inferior alveolar nerve lateralisation and bone expansion osteotomy.

The prosthetic options for All On 4 implants concept include acrylic dentures and bridge. Even though acrylic dentures over implants are much more affordable than bridge, they are not as comfortable, strong, hygienic and aesthetic.
All On 6 and All On 8 dental implants consists of a fixed bridge supported by 6 or 8 dental implants placed in a single jaw evenly. In Implant Dentistry, distribution of the chewing forces evenly to the implants is important for a longer lasting smile and comfort. In these full mouth implant concepts, each implant is exposed to less amount of occlusal stress caused by chewing compared to all-on-4 concept.

The prosthetics options for All On 6 and All On 8 implants are more diverse than for All On 4 implants. Because of the short distances between each dental implant on an arch, it is safe to use aesthetic materials such as Porcelain – Zirconia bridge.
Dental Implants can be used to replace a single missing tooth or multiple consequent missing teeth. They have the great advantage of natural feeling and allowing dentists to replace a missing tooth without drilling the healthy adjacent teeth. Also, existence of an implant in a removed tooth socket stops the bone recession which starts after a few months of the tooth removal.

The number of dental implants can be less than the number of consecutive missing teeth. For example, 3 missing teeth can be replaced with 2 dental implants and a bridge. Ideally, a maximum of 4 unit dental bridge should be supported by 2 dental implants. The number of implants required for the procedure will be told by our dentists during the online consultation.
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You can request an appointment or you can send your teeth photos or x-rays via WhatsApp for free consultation.

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You can request an appointment or you can send your teeth photos or x-rays via WhatsApp for free consultation.